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How it works
Reporting capabilities
Development tools
Market leading tools to track and manage your key risk exposures

At the heart of Zurich's Fleet Intelligence solution is a comprehensive suite of proven driver management and development tools.

Driver Indexing Application

The first element of these tools is our driver indexing application. As well as holding all relevant driver data for you, this tool allows you to identify your most at-risk drivers. Each driver is assigned a risk classification based on analyses across multiple data sets including:
Telematics behaviour data.
Driving licence data.
Crash data.
Feedback from on line assessment tools.

By identifying your most at-risk drivers, you can invest your risk managment budget precisely where it's most needed.

Zurich Fleet Intelligence then delivers a range of driver development tools, again reflecting the needs of individual drivers.
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Tracking Tool

The tracking tool then supports the depot or fleet manager in:
Tracking where drivers are in terms of completing development activity.
Determining when licences were last checked.
Determining what is the next activity for each driver.

The tool also alerts drivers as to when their next development activity is due, therefore minimising the administrative burden on the fleet or depot manager.