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How it works
Reporting capabilities
Development tools
Powerful reporting and analysis at your fingertips

Zurich Fleet Intelligence's interface highlights major performance measures in simple, visually powerful formats that ensure key areas of risk are clearly identified.

The Zurich Fleet Intelligence reporting suite offers multiple views and the ability to analyse information at different levels:
Individual driver level.
Terminal / depot or regional level data.
Fleet or country level.

At an individual driver level, you and your drivers can identify high risk driving behaviour using our aggregate analysis. This provides analysis over a rolling period which helps identify improvements or deterioration in risky driving behaviour. Individual driver data can be benchmarked against overall fleet performance and against company targets.
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From the high level reporting, you and your drivers can drill into the high risk driving events to determine:
What was the high risk event?
Where and when did the event take place?

Drivers can access our complete suite of driver development tools through this portal, ensuring ease of use and encouraging drivers to regularly review their own performance as the basis for self development.

For fleet and depot managers, the interface allows easy creation of detailed custom reports focusing on whatever variable(s) you want to investigate further.